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Browsing for carpet cleaning within Burlingame, CA? Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA caters to all of your carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, area rugs, furniture upholstery cleaning and house upkeep requirements - residential, commercial or industrial requirements.

You can have our skilled, specialized carpet steam cleaning technicians go to your house or company and do what they know best - getting the task done effectively to your total satisfaction. You will end up pleased with the final results and also delighted by our well-mannered, customized service.

Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA specialists work by using primarily environmentally-friendly cleaning items and therefore are committed to your total satisfaction. Our technicians will settle for nothing less!

Each one of these common problems are quite frankly, results of daily life, however you do not have to live with them! Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA technician's are familiarized with pet stain and pet odor treatment, and they understand what products to apply on what materials, and precisely what solutions, in fact, will deliver the best results. What amount of cash have you wasted already on bottles of spray cleanser which allegedly eradicates pet smell and stains and other difficult carpet stains?

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In addition to providing an assortment of area rug cleaning strategies and wall-to-wall carpet cleaning services, for instance carpet steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning, our company is able to tackle the most difficult issues, here are some examples:

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA deploy the latest in equipment and techniques to completely clean your carpets and upholstery and leave them looking

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Upholstery Cleaning

Experienced, well-trained Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA knows how carpet upholstery cleaning machines are necessary to perform a face lift on your home furnishings

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Residential Services

The professional carpet cleaning staff at Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA use our patented hot-water Extraction system for cleaning. We utilize super-heated water and a water

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Commercial Services

The professional carpet cleaning staff at Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA use our patented hot-water Extraction system for cleaning. We utilize super-heated water and a water

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Water Damage Restoration

You can count on our experts to come to your home and dry down its structure and contents. Our specially trained technicians use scientific drying methods to restore your home

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Mattress Cleaning

Dust mites are one of those entities in our homes that you can only see under a microscope. They tend to form in places where your body rests, including blankets, pillows,

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Rug Cleaning

Area rugs add classy comfort and distinction to any home, but just like conventional carpets, your area rug can take a lot of punishment-constant foot traffic, dirt, spills, sand and other materials.

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Spot & Stain Removal

Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA offers a full spot and stain removal service. Using the latest techniques and solutions, we have an excellent success rate

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Whether you have one unpleasant stain on an area rug that you would like cleaned out or a complete houseful of wall-to-wall carpeting, Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA can personalize each of our services to suit your precise needs.

While our Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA technician's are at your home or business, we can additionally deep clean your upholstered furnishings and drapes.

Upholstered furnishings and drapes are frequently unnoticed when you think about professional cleaning, however, they receive the same punishment from daily life, and take in a large amount of allergens floating through the air just like your carpet does.

Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, CA is here to meet your professional home cleaning needs! Carpets! Upholstered Furniture! Drapes! Give us a call today at 650-273-0183 to receive a zero cost estimate for all of your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Burlingame, CA, is in San Mateo County, about 16 miles south of San Francisco. Once referred to as “a vast, windswept prairie”, the landscape of Burlingame, CA was drastically changed by wealthy landowners from San Francisco, who set up lavish summer estates lined with trees planted by John McLaren (custodian for San Francisco Golden Gate Park) and Laughlan McLean (planted Burlingame, CA’s first trees). The owners of these estates included: Darius Ogden Mills (banker), Moses A. Gunst (cigar retailer), and Ansel I. Easton and his wife Adeline (sister of Darius Ogden Mills). Burlingame, CA was named for Anson Burlingame, a U.S. Minister to China who purchased 1,043 acres from William C. Ralston (banker) in 1866. Burlingame died in Russia 4 years later, never returning to his property, the land reverted back to Ralston after Burlingame’s death. Due to the work by Mclean and McLaren, Burlingame, CA is known as the “City of Trees”, more than 18,000 were planted.

Burlingame, CA saw a large growth in population after the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906, as many of the upcoming cities in the bay area did at that time.

Some of the large estates were parceled off making hundreds of smaller lots. In 1908 the Town of Burlingame, CA incorporated. Today the population is almost 30,000, living in a 6 mile square area.A lot of Burlingame, CA’s economy relies on its proximity to San Francisco International Airport with businesses offering support services to the airlines, LSG/Sky Chefs, Inc., Virgin America, and China Airlines are examples of these. Burlingame, CA also relied heavily on auto retailers who started setting up their businesses as early as the 1920’s. The largest employer in Burlingame, CA is Mills Peninsula Health Services (which operates in both Burlingame, CA and San Mateo and is part of Sutter Health), another major employer is Guittard Chocolate Company, originally started in San Francisco in 1868, Guittard Company moved its operation to Burlingame, CA in 1955 when San Francisco made many businesses relocate for the new Embarcadero freeway (the Embarcadero freeway was demolished after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake).

For carpet cleaning in Burlingame, CA, Give us a call today at 650-273-0183 for your free estimate of all of your cleaning and maintenance needs.

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